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Alan, Andy,

1) the articles on aircraft reflection were in the '60s, by a monk in Douai Abbey. The RSGB on-line Archive doesn't offer a hit;

2) those articles greatly appealed to me. They were much more fun than 80m AM nets, whose participants seemed to have an in-built fear of releasing the PTT switch;

3) I've always thought of Amateur Radio as a broad church. ITU Radio Regulation 1.56 would seem concordant:

amateur service: A radiocommunication service for the purpose of self-training,
intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, by duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.
put another way, Amateur Radio is for:

* learning and personal development

* communicating between Amateur Radio stations, including providing emergency communications

* performing technical experiments, of one sort and another

4) other than the ITU, no-one has the right to constrain the scope of Amateur Radio;

5) or put more positively, Amateur Radio is the sum of each of us, our curiosity, technical knowledge, operating skills, constructional ability, &c. &c.

73, Stay Safe,

Robin, G8DQX

PS: Alan, next time you hi-jack a long-and-lengthy thread, think of us with threaded readers and start a fresh thread, pretty please!

Alan said:

Andy, Chris please dont assume because you don't get 1000+ farcebook-like ''likes'' nobody is interested ! Yes there may be the odd ''Letters Page'' responder who feels he is qualified to define what is and what is not ''amateur radio'' for the rest of us. 
There must be a large number of us, particularly at LF and microwaves, who mentally file these gems away as part of our accumulating knowledge of the technical side of the hobby. I remember a series of interesting articles in the 70s by a monk  who wrote about 2m aircraft reflections. Way before ''planefinder'' and such were even thought of. Yes the letters page of Radcom got a comment asking what that was to do with ''amateur radio''!  I remember considering 2m meteor scatter the ''lunatic fringe'' at about the same period. However with the general improvement in readily available high technology many of these ideas slowly come into regular use, even to the state were they are sought out by Professional users for help. Most notably for me, Paul Nicholson's VLF whistler streaming network (LIGO), and Wolf 's SpecrumLab on the search for the lost Malaysian Airlines plane. I am sure demand for Andy's new book compilation of his column will match that for the popular Technical Topics of Pat Hawker.
''You don't need to be able to strip and rebuild an engine or the transmission system to drive a car, but knowledge of how it works sure makes you a better driver''
Please don't stop trying to educate us all !
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If it doesn't involve a two way SSB or CW QSO it usually doesn't interest most people
One of the reasons I despair of the majority of the amateur radio community and am slowly going off the hobby more and more

My little 70MHz beacon, just 400mW to a dipole,  located at the Bell Hill beacon site has just been reported on Beaconspot as being heard by 9A2SB locator JN95GM distance 1652km.   This isn't even a record, it gets reported from that sort of distance several times per year.   But it's not a kew-ess-oh is it, so no one cares

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