Re: Tactics in microwave contest with very few planes.

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi Nick,
Can you give me an 8 (or 10) character LOC and I'll set up an Airscout alarm path to you tonight. I don't find the waterfall much help with AS QSOs as the path mostly opens and closes quickly.
As most large planes are cargo flights heading roughly E-W these days, they cross the path, rather than flying along it, so the 'opening' can be very short, so overs need to be extremely brief.

Do you use KST2me? 'Raw' KST usually has too much latency for arranging AS skeds. And I find a display dedicated to KST2me is useful, otherwise I can easily miss meeps.
Having said that, I'm just as guilty as everyone else at not responding to meeps sometimes. If I'm trying to complete a 'good Dx' QSO at very weak signal levels, I can't type a reply at the same time.

My home QTH system on 23cm is 250W to a 44 ele

73, Phil G3TCU


On 19/05/2020 09:50, Nick Gregory G0HIK via wrote:
I've not had an A/S QSO yet and I'm still going to be on the drive in the van this evening with limited computing power.

Do you need a waterfall to be able to use a this mode?

Does it just give you more time, i.e. you can see it before you can hear it ?

I'm still not sure of the mechanics of setting this up in a contest. If anyone is going to try this tonight and want IO84 please let me know, I'll be on KST and 07955635646.

10w and 1.2mtr dish

Nick G0HIK


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