Re: Tactics in microwave contest with very few planes.

Pete - GM4BYF

We can try tonight Nick if there is a suitable plane. 100W and 55 element. Could you give your full locator as the Pentland hills intrude on anything west of south. However I have had successful contacts using A/S even over the hills.

I am in IO85 JV (southern edge of Edinburgh) What is important in A/S is to be very sure of your frequency. Also to have Air Scout installed and working. Very short calls at 5- 10 second intervals.  And no wasting time in the qso. SSB much better than cw unless you are really fast. (I am not). I don't find a waterfall helpful, but others might.

On 19/05/20 09:50, Nick Gregory G0HIK via wrote:

I've not had an A/S QSO yet and I'm still going to be on the drive in the van this evening with limited computing power.

Do you need a waterfall to be able to use a this mode?

Does it just give you more time, i.e. you can see it before you can hear it ?

I'm still not sure of the mechanics of setting this up in a contest. If anyone is going to try this tonight and want IO84 please let me know, I'll be on KST and 07955635646.

10w and 1.2mtr dish

Nick G0HIK

vry 73

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