122 GHz Project building up bare PCB


Rather than go to the beach I thought I would start to build up a 122 GHz PCB today.  I was unable to find a street map of where the Rs and Cs actually go on the PCB tracks.  Only a diagram showing parts without pad and track information.  I expect the file is there somewhere but to save time I merged two Gerber files.  A PDF attached for the bottom side showing parts and pads and tracks.  I would rate the building as medium to difficult as I am using a 0.8mm dia. solder bit and 0.5mm solder.  Smaller for both would be better as the iron is like using a poker.  From postings it would appear some have purchased more than one PCB.  I strongly suggest batch building as it takes time to actually find a placement position for parts.  Happy building.
73s John G8ACE

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