Re: N plug for RG401


Greetings to all!

Another suggestion is to identify which company is your local agent for the Taiwanese connector manufacturing group "Jyebao", a source of excellent quality products.

Here in Australia, an Adelaide-based outfit called "RF Shop" keeps a fair range of Jyebao connectors, and is able to acquire any of the entire Jyebao catalogue, including the exact 'N' connector that you seek.

I'm not sure if "RF Shop" is still operating there in the UK, but a few years ago they were....  If they still are 'around', then it's likely that they should be able to get them in for you in small quantities.  I know this because I have used their services for exactly that type of connector (plus the .25" semi-rigid as well).

Very best wishes,

--Doug Friend, VK4OE.

On 14/05/2020 7:31 pm, Phil Guttridge G3TCU wrote:
Can anyone suggest where I can get a straight N plug for RG401 (0.250" semi-rigid) e.g. Amphenol 172139 without the high shipping cost or MOQ of the main distributors that stock these?

I can only find right angle types on eBay.

Thanks & 73, Phil G3TCU

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