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Hi Phil


Just a line on right angle N connectors  as I do not now the frequency you are considering but good quality right angle N connecters result in strange frequency responses and any inferior makes more so

All should be OK up to 2.5  ghz



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Mouser? there is a minimum order value to get free delivery. If you don't want a few spare connectors just take the opportunity to stock up on things you will need!

e.g. A Radiall connector I used in some preamps I built:

On 14/05/2020 10:31, Phil Guttridge G3TCU wrote:

Can anyone suggest where I can get a straight N plug for RG401 (0.250" semi-rigid) e.g. Amphenol 172139 without the high shipping cost or MOQ of the main distributors that stock these?

I can only find right angle types on eBay.

Thanks & 73, Phil G3TCU

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