Re: 122 GHz Chips - UK group purchase ?

Dave G8KHU

Good morning all

Just a reminder to anyone who's interested and hasn't yet contacted me. I'm putting in an order to Silicon Radar for the 122 GHz and 24 GHz radar chips, TRA_120_002 and TRX_024_006 respectively, with the aim of reducing their per order carriage and handling charges to an affordable level. So far I have confirmed orders for 23 of the 120 GHz chips and 16 of the 24 GHz devices which has brought the Silicon Radar handling charge down to around £2.67 per chip.

So currently the cost per chip is £ 27.26 for the 122 GHz device and £ 14.17 for the 24 GHz device - these prices include the amortised handling charge contribution. Postage within the UK is gratis.

If anyone else would like to join in the purchase then plaese let me know by Sunday mid-day (17th May) so I can close off the list and get tghe order placed next week. The devices are ex-stock Germany and they are quoting 6-7 days delivery from receipt of payment.

Dave G8KHU

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