Re: What Moon/Sun tracking software is being used.

Alan Beard

Hi guys,

I'd ask of the software: What accuracy does it support?

23cm, 5m dish, required pointing accuracy: 0.5 deg.

The John Drew VK5DJ controller  as designed for VK3UM, as I recall, 
does 0.01 deg. in his software.

One's biggest problem is the position accuracy in the rotator.
My KR-400 could be up to 20 deg. out. Readily available absolute shaft encodes
do 1024 steps per rotation. 1024 / 360 => 0.3 deg. resolution. 

BTW: I've asked the "hamlib" developers to consider this and they have improved
the available accuracy in the "hamlib" library.

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On Wed, 13 May 2020 12:25:03 -0700, Nick Gregory G0HIK via wrote
> Thanks guys,
> I'll look at both of those and MoonSked and will report back how I get on, pretty sure I tried WXTrack in the past at some time.
> Nick G0HIK

Alan Beard

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