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Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Hi Ben


Plenty of 2M stations will tell you I spent months shouting CQ night after night with no reply under an MM3 call, im sure folk heard me and didn’t reply. I went to the MM0 call and upped the power to 100w, it was at the time of the infancy of JT44 (I feel old lol). I worked for every QSO I had on SSB, MS,ES and EME. Thats my story back then, I gave up radio for 8 years but im back at it, 23cms is nearly there, home brew transverter, homebrew beams, 2x 41 element (1 built today) but will be 4, homebrew amplifier solid state. 13cm, homebrew transverter, homebrew beams 4x 41 ( 2 built) and im sure the amp will be mostly homebrew aswell. 9Cm 1.8m dish and a half built transverter that im struggling with a wee bit but ill get to it soon and a septum for the feed. Dont give up!!! Every day and every QSO can be hard on the VHF and up, we aint on HF where fishing is easyish. Youve came this far and I know times can be hard with no CNDX etc but hey you’ve got this far, don’t turn back now!!!


On the subject of water storage im sure my old copper water tank will be having a new life soon as we dont use it now a days but I will be lining it with some sort of apoxy or something after a bit of research to see whats best to stop the corrosion.


Chris MM0KOS


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Last night I ran my new water-cooled PA for 4.5hrs during the NAC/UKAC. I use 50l of distilled water in a barrel and a 30l/min pond pump.

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OMG........ water cooled pa's.............. strikes me that with my dismally pathetic 25watt no matter how well 'I' hear this BIG signal 
the same will not happen in reverse. 
Guess its time to throw it all in the skip and stop wasting time, mine and the station who can't hear me...... 

Pity the pubs are shut. Hey ho. 



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