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One of my customers is a specialist Filter company that suppies DI resin and can supply or make up a cartridge and housing with DI resin,, They have a inhouse small scale production workshop and will make one offs

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There is a resin used for producing DI water, you just stick it in a length of tube with a bit of gauze at each end ... tap water in, DI out.  When I ran large industrial lasers, the cooling systems had a DI pack of this stuff in circuit. It kept conductivity well below around 20 uSiemens ... perfect for any high voltage use.
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What about using one of the radiators designed for water cooling computers? I think that a moderate size radiator/fan can can provide a cooling capacity of 200-400W for a 10 degree temperature difference from ambient when used with an appropriate fan.


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Last night I ran my new water-cooled PA for 4.5hrs during the NAC/UKAC. I use 50l of distilled water in a barrel and a 30l/min pond pump. It all worked fine but the water was lukewarm so I was thinking that a small car heater radiator might be appropriate? I will bring the thermocouple from work and make some measurements but I estimate that the water was less than 30 deg C. I was wondering if these cheaper and small car heater radiators would help? Ironically I don't care about fan noise as I have a machine room next to the shack. It's an ex broadcast PA and just happened to be water-cooled and cheap. 
I have no idea how much heat such a radiator with a fan would take out of the water.
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