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Raymond Brooks

I would also look at a car oil cooler, there smaller and can be picked up cheep second hand. 

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I would say that a forced air car heater would dissipate at least a kilowatt. But that is when the water temperature is at nearly 100 C. You would need to de-rate for lower temperature. (Look up Newton's Law of cooling.Basically the hotter the water the faster the radiator will lose heat.) What's the o/p power of amp & efficiency? Or total DC input a full power would be a better guide.
What is the max. temp you can run the amp at?

de John G8SEQ

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>  Last night I ran my new water-cooled PA for 4.5hrs during the
>  NAC/UKAC. I use 50l of distilled water in a barrel and a 30l/min pond
>  pump. It all worked fine but the water was lukewarm so I was thinking
>  that a small car heater radiator might be appropriate? I will bring
>  the thermocouple from work and make some measurements but I estimate
>  that the water was less than 30 deg C. I was wondering if these
>  cheaper and small car heater radiators would help? Ironically I don't
>  care about fan noise as I have a machine room next to the shack. It's
>  an ex broadcast PA and just happened to be water-cooled and cheap.

>  I have no idea how much heat such a radiator with a fan would take out
>  of the water.

>  73

>  Conrad PA5Y

Raymond G8KPS

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