Re: Adjusting 23cm Wimo 28-el

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I've been using a Wimo 67 ele for 23cm portable over the past few years and I'm happy with it. It replaced a box of 4 X 35ele Tonnas that I used before and I didn't notice any drop in performance but it was much easier to assemble. The cables & splitter to feed the 4 probably added an insertion loss that made the difference in gain negligible.

But I have a 44 ele at the home QTH and I suffered from a failed balun on the driven element assembly after a few years. I don't know what they use for semi-rigid in the balun but I've never seen anything corrode like it. It looked like aluminium tube that had corroded to powder. Wimo charged me for a replacement, saying they've never seen that happen before and I must live in a very corrosive environment (which is, of course, nonsense). They did say that the balun would corrode like that if it missed its varnish coat but "of course, that could never happen".

And BTW, I replaced my old 70cm and 2m (Tonna) antennas at the home QTH with Wimos last summer and they've completely lost the plot. Both antennas were supplied with wrong parts/missing parts and it took a long time to get correct replacements. Even the initial batch of replacement parts were wrong. I called them and asked what's going on and got the answer "We have a lot of new people and the warehouse manager is away so there is a high rate of mistakes" Honest, at least but sad,  I used to think their products were well made...

73, Phil G3TCU.

On 06/05/2020 11:00, Steve G4HTZ via wrote:
I would suggest launching it off the side of the nearest mountain ....I’ve had the 44ele and 67ele from wimo ..both had build problems and swr problems .....but some do seem to use them with some success probably just me .

i have now got a 36 ele from antenna amplifiers in Serbia ....Nevada also stock them at a bit higher price .

dishs do seem to be coming popular ...notice people are using 1.9 and 2m dish’s now in UKAC ...they certainly seem to work well 
Steve G4HTZ 

23cms 350w to 36 element 
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