Re: hf net?

Neil Smith G4DBN

Wait, what?  You mean there is an "eight-thirty" in the *MORNING* as well as the one that comes after wine-o-clock???

Even on my few remaining working days, I don't surface until ten-to-nine.  There is no way I could contribute meaningfully to any discussion about anything where the localtime hour H matches 2<H<11.  Unless I stayed up all night of course, now THERE's an option. I might be somewhat swivel-eyed and manic from caffeine poisoning though, which could represent a minor downside.

Would it be un-utterably louche to fix up an HF radio in my bedchamber and join the discussion in my jim-jams, ensconced in a duvet?  I suppose for 80 metres I should add a pipe and slippers. Now where did I put that ancient TS-440....

Neil G4DBN

On 05/05/2020 15:58, Adrian G4UVZ via wrote:
Whilst I have appeared at the end of the net on the odd occasion..I have to agree with Clive that 8:30 is not the best time!  Whilst I was up around this time when working retired ..9:30 -10 would be much more civilised ...surely north of Bristol, at 8:30am it is still dark for much of the year!!

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