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For a loop yagi at the lower microwave frequencies I think that aluminium with the joint at the current minimum would be my choice. 


Alwyn G8DOH

Is it really right to call it a Yagi any more, if there are loops? (Personally I prefer the term Yagi-Uda anyway, and have done for decades. Even IEEE 145 says Yagi is depreciated) 

But as far as I know, Yagi and Uda never worked on loops. 

FWIW, I gave some thought to making an antenna from 

1) Titanium for strength and lightness. 
2) Silver coated for conductivity, as titanium is not a good electrical conductor.
3) A very thin layer of gold to stop oxidation of the silver, but sufficiently thin to ensure most current was in the silver, not the gold, which is a poorer electrical conductor than silver. 

Cost would be high of course, but the idea crossed my mind. 

Much to my surprise, someone had taken a patent out on an antenna made “substantially from titanium “. 

I thought it was a bit of an absurd patent, as it seems a somewhat obvious thing to at least consider, even if it is found to be of little use. I am surprised such an idea could be patented, but then there are some really stupid patents, do I should not be too surprised. 

The person that took out the patent was clearly a ham, as the frequencies quoted were all in the range 144-148 MHz. The patent has since been abandoned. 

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