Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I was running KST2me and had no problems.

I find that the latency with 'ordinary' KST is too great for e.g. A/S skeds.

73, Phil G3TCU

On 22/04/2020 08:32, John Lemay via wrote:
Morning all

I had a problem with 'KST chat last night which I've not come across before:

Just 3 mins into the contest I realised the flow of messages had stopped. So
I closed the page and was then unable to open it again; Explorer said the
page was too slow to load and I made several attempts, eventually getting
back in after 30 mins. During that outage I tried a different PC, with the
same result. Any other web page I cared to try was fine and email was fine.

Don't think anyone else had problems ? How to avoid this again ?

Losing 30 minutes in a short contest Bad News !

John G4ZTR

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