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Hi Chris

I have four 141T's, two with TG's and one with the preselector.
Been using them for 20 years.

(The other two are backup's!}

Happy to help you where I can.


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Hi Tom


It would be great to see some tuts on some of the older gear like the HP141 and the tracking gens, I have one and just started using it and reading the manual just aint that straight forward.

Setting it up for different things and different TGs. Probably most of the guys here have a high degree of knowledge of these units but some of us are lagging a bit behind as we where not born into the communications industry.

Its great see in videos on You Tube and picture tutorials but sometimes you don’t see clearly what cable goes where from LOs and to which ports. Just the really silly things that are bypassed with the more blessed that have been using these units for some time.


Thanks Chris MM0KOS



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Hello All


A comment on earlier mail by Paul G8AFC


So the purchase of the Chinese board was simply to give me some modicum  of microwave test gear that wasn’t going to cost the earth and didn’t weigh even more for when I am away from my shack here!



Sometime I see comments  ‘Just scan the filter’ , it will do for basic checks, etc


There are a pile of little ‘modules’, gadget’s less than £100 on ebay and the likes.    What would be handy/good is how do you use some of these boards to ‘scan a filter’ - use it to test xyz.


Just some sort of ‘use by example’ type guide to help those who have never used the higher end (read proper) Spectrum analyser or an HP xyz to do what they do.


With the lock down there will be free time to scribble some notes that may help others. 









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