Re: MAX2870 : Any use ?

Colin G4EML

The RF Explorer handheld signal generator uses the MAX2870 and that produces a nice stable, clean signal right up to 6 GHz.

On 17 Apr 2020, at 22:21, Iain Young <> wrote:

Hi All,

Since I have a bit more time on my hands these days (with the pubs being
shut and not allowed to travel to the top of a semi-decent hill for a spot
of err.. beacon spotting), I thought I'd ressurect my ADF4351+Arduino
beacon project(s).

While googling for a correct and reliable wiring diagram of the ADF4351
and Arduino [which I found] , I came across a very similar (to the green)
ADF4351 board), but it used the MAX2870 instead, for about 45 UKP.

(Example here: )

It claims to go to 6GHz. Anyone have any knowledge/opinions/experience
with it ? Espesially as to it's suitability at 6cms ? Is it worth the
45 UKP ?



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