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Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Hi  Andy


If memory serves me well it is a slightly larger diameter to RG402 that I used on my 2m MRF9180 and MRF9120 boards. I used RG178A on the MRF9120 so I assume as long as its 50ohm S/R it will do for the single loop before the filter stage. I did use some 25ohm RG316 (the cable is stamped 25 ohm) for the 2 matching coils on the MRF9120 board.


Hope this helps, Stay safe!!


Chris MM0KOS


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From: Andy G4JNT
Sent: 06 April 2020 13:11
To: UK Microwaves
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] 144 PA


I know it's not really microwaves, but ...


Want to put together a quickie 2m PA using an old MFR9180 device (designed for 900MHz and courtesy G3NNS surplus).   Presupposing it's internal matching is lowpass, the impedances should appear as almost "raw FET " at this frequency.  The device is rated for 170W but I only want 80 - 100 of them.


I have stacks of 085 semi-rigid, so intend using this as the 1:4 output TR-line transformer.   Has anyone tried .085 at 100W of 144MHz?    I don't think it will cook itself, but would like someone else's perspective.


Only really wanted to make myself heard properly on our reinstated club net on FM.  Only have 5 watts at the moment :-(



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