Re: HP8569B/KE5FX

Neil Smith G4DBN

John is always helpful, I had a problem with getting my HP E4406A to talk to his software and he advised me about using the direct ethernet connection and configuring the driver to use IP instead of GPIB via my Prologix USB box.

Worth dropping him a line to see if it is a known issue with a workaround, or something he can fix. He's active on the time-nuts forum. email john@...

Neil G4DBN

On 29/03/2020 15:25, Andy G4JNT wrote:
Yes, does look that way.   Had intended writing my own screen dump software, but on discovering KE5FS's  decided not to bother.   Maybe it is worth revisiting that idea.
The three separate buttons to plot trace, graticule and text are novel.   It's only by fluke I tried pressing all three simultaneously to get the full plot.  Never had to do it like that in the old days with a REAL 7470

I also use a Prologix interface

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