Re: Skew paths on 10GHz tonight

Nicholas Shaxted

Hi Neil,
Yes this High pressure system currently sitting over the north-east European mainland is heavily influencing matters on 3cm.
The air mass in its "nose" seems to be blocking east-west paths. PI7ALK is normally a good signal here but has been reduced to just detectable.
GB3PKT at -12dBjt and GB3MHZ at -20dBpi4 are both much stronger pointing North-East than direct showing a strong skewing.
I have not heard the normal skewed signals from GB3LEX or any of the beacons in France.

As the sun set in the evenings we have a couple of hours of PI7ALK and DB0GHZ both at s9 probably due to an evaporation duct now that the sea swell has dropped to below 1m.

The High pressure seems to be filling now so these condition decline. This morning GB3PKT is still -12dBjt with the dish pointing towards northern Netherlands so there is still a strong skew path present.
No other signals found yet this morning

Nick - g4ogi

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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Skew paths on 10GHz tonight

Some very odd beam headings for SM/OZ sigs on 10GHz this evening

I'm hearing OZ5SHF about 15 degrees south of true, and SM6VTZ was 9 degrees south. DL0SHF about 7 degrees south.  I can't hear GB3LEX direct, but there is a strong steady signal coming from 150 degrees, at least 45 degrees of the direct path. GB3CAM is normally S1/2 but now it is so loud, I heard it as S5 off the back of my dish. Direct it is S9+, but nil from anywhere further south.

Sadly, despite Chris being a decent signal for a while, he never had a strong enough signal from me to copy anything.  Still, 936km is a decent distance when there is 400ft of limestone in the path.

The duct has left me now.

Neil G4DBN

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