Skew paths on 10GHz tonight

Neil Smith G4DBN

Some very odd beam headings for SM/OZ sigs on 10GHz this evening

I'm hearing OZ5SHF about 15 degrees south of true, and SM6VTZ was 9 degrees south. DL0SHF about 7 degrees south.  I can't hear GB3LEX direct, but there is a strong steady signal coming from 150 degrees, at least 45 degrees of the direct path. GB3CAM is normally S1/2 but now it is so loud, I heard it as S5 off the back of my dish. Direct it is S9+, but nil from anywhere further south.

Sadly, despite Chris being a decent signal for a while, he never had a strong enough signal from me to copy anything.  Still, 936km is a decent distance when there is 400ft of limestone in the path.

The duct has left me now.

Neil G4DBN

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