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Hi Neil,

Tony G4CBW and myself used to use ISCAT ...B on 3cm ?  I think,  on many occasions - usually worked very well for AS.

73 Alan GM0USI



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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] GB3FNY on 3cm?

It has settled on 10368752.153 kHz, strength is normal (ish).  Hard to tell as it is so loud and so chopped about by the windfarms. Working at "work" work today so can't do any tx tests until this evening.

This is pointing the dish into a dense bush with the dish right down. Still dopplerised, like many of the weak sigs last night.

Extremely slow CW worked well. Tempted to suggest QRSS3 for the next contest if the signals are really weak, or even DFCW. Easier to "see" the traces than hear them, and with long integration times, the scintillation and chopping is smoothed out a bit. Does time-locked QRSS or DFCW count as "CW" for the permitted modes?

Has anyone tried ISCAT on 10GHz? I had a very good reflection from Martyn G3UKV when his tropo was inaudible.  Of course, there was no QSO detail in that transmission, Sod's Law.

I saw some VERY strong aircraft reflections from Peter G3PHO while he was beaming away from me, and the doppler shift was much wider and faster-changing than the usual mid-path oblique reflection. I guess that was from a plane coming towards Peter from the south on the same heading as to me.  I didn't see the plane on Airscout as it doesn't identify planes beyond the target. Might be an option for those who are on impossible paths, such as me trying to work to the south through my tree belt. Perhaps if I beam north with a bit of elevation and find a suitable plane or three, QSOs might be feasible. 

Neil G4DBN

On 25/03/2020 15:12, G3UVR Denis via Groups.Io wrote:
Just had a listen today. 25/03/2020. 70cm is on normal strength.

Cant hear 3cm but it can be exceptionally weak on warm dry days. Will try 3cm again tonight.

73 de Denis G3UVR


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