Neil Smith G4DBN

Thanks both, I'll keep listening.  Even KBQ has been absent via tropo recently, but at least I still get some aircraft reflections from it, and occasional rainscatter. I'm still getting the normal amount of sun noise, so it isn't like the waveguide is full of spiders or something.

Neil G4DBN

On 17/03/2020 22:44, Dave via Groups.Io wrote:
I heard GB3MCB several weeks ago twice from eastern Dartmoor from a high site once by snow scatter and on another occasion on troop. Will check again soon. 
David G4GLT.

On 17 Mar 2020, at 22:41, Ralph via Groups.Io <Ralph.Bird@...> wrote:

Hello Neil,


I have not heard the beacon for some time, the conditions here have not helped things either,

though I live only about 40km from the beacon it is not line of site due to rising ground close

to my QTH in a SW direction and the Clay tips from the China clay works mask that bearing.


If I do hear it I will report it on Beaconspot.


I am not fully QRV on 3cm at present as I have a transmit delay problem here which requires

about 30-40 seconds to recover. – no way to lower the mast at this time of year.

For info I still work F9OE virtually on a daily basis as he understands the situation hi.

Though it hampers real time changeovers for DX working.


Best wishes




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I haven't heard MCB on 3cm since September 2019, did they change the

antenna when they got the beacon back on air?  I used to get aircraft

scatter from it fairly often, and a bit of tropo now and then.


Neil G4DBN


(current status, coated in brass swarf, dribbling cyanoacrylate

de-bonder on superglued fingers.  Yes I know I should have used the

PTFE-faced clamps...)






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