Re: suitable material for horn cover

Neil Smith G4DBN

Definitely a good plan to have a drain hole at a low point. On one of my large new horns, I'm fitting a mesh-lidded canister filled with zeolite dessicant granules, to see if that will keep the inside of the horn dry for a few months. The 23cm horns are made from rolled aluminium sheet with TIG welded seams, septums and backplates, so there is a big volume and surface area (630 mm long, 160mm diameter, 13 litres, 0.3 square metres). Zeolite is better than silica gel at adsorbing water vapour, and cheap enough to discard when it is damp. I still fancy trying PU foam fill, but it is a no-going-back option.

Neil G4DBN

On 17/03/2020 13:41, John Lemay wrote:
Neil said:-

< is very hard to prevent condensation inside a metal horn with a radome. >

Is it better to provide a breathing hole at a low point so that the weather is (mostly) kept out ?

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