Re: News from Franco on COVID-19 emergency

Alan Melia

Martin your caution accepted but having lived through WWII and several other ''crises'' you come to expect the true Britsh response is a form of laconic black humour. It may not be in tune with modern sensibilities, but a daft sense of humour has kept us same on many occasions when others were running for the woods :-)) 
It does NOT mean we are not taking it seriously, but neither are we jumping off the nearest bridges.

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I would caution levity on this issue. The data from Italy is alarming. The case fatality rate is much higher than reported from China and young people are dying. I have just received a message from a clinical colleague in Italy who for one is extremely alarmed at the UK stance. Sorry, off topic for microwave reflector but being a retired immuno-virologist, I just thought I would drop some input. 
Stay safe, 73, Martin  

Martin, G8OFA

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