What exactly is a VDR? voltage dependent resistor?
David G4GLT 

On 6 Mar 2020, at 17:56, Dominique Dehays <f6dro@...> wrote:

Hi all ,

yes , I have soldered VDR bougth on Ebay directly in the rotator  box , up the mast. Unfortunately I don't remember wich type it was exactly and as it was a loooooong time ago , it is no longer available in my Ebay history.



Le 06/03/2020 à 18:13, Neil, G3RIR via Groups.Io a écrit :
I have a SPID RAK Rotator and it works fine except that it creates an enormous RF racket on at least 2m. It is so bad that that I cannot peak weak signals.

Dom made a comment that this can be cured by using VDR. Dom or others please expand on that point. I expect to be back on 1296 soon so I really need to improve things.

Neil G3RIR

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