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Alan Melia

I am replying to Mike's is not I am afraid the problem is with your provider. BTinternet, many of us are very annoyed about a new ''bouncing policy'' that BT is using. It uses heuristic ''guesses'' as to whether an email is spam, it will block mails sent to you by yourself and it doesnt intorm you. It seems to block a lot of my messages, not only my own.....I didn't get a copy of your original post but that is probably in my spam folder......check there first. If you find a message on the web site you did not receive please complain to BT. 

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Go to the web interface and log in.

Go to your account - preferences.

At the bottom make sure the box "I always want copies of my own emails" is checked.

Otherwise, something else!


On 3/3/20 7:28 PM, Michael Scott via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi All
Sorry, another problem!
None of my posts to are being reflected back to me although if I log on to the website, the messages are there. I have checked the box to receive copies but don’t receive any. This is a problem with all of the groups I subscribe to.
Any ideas?
Mike, G3LYP

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