Re: 23 cm yagi design

Chris Bartram G4DGU

Hello Ben,

AM hi.
Laugh you not! I know I'm by no means alone on this group in having made my first QSOs on 23cm using AM! At that time in the radio medieval (early 1970s) , the kit consisted of a HB valve transmitter on 2m, and two cascaded varactor triplers from 2m. It's was probably a good thing that I didn't then have a spectrum analyser!

Incidentally, I still have some affection for varactor technology. It was much maligned, but used sensibly capable of very good performance. The Russians, in particular, used varactors extensively, and I have some which should allow quite high power on 47 and 76GHz if I ever find time to design and build the kit. Retirement seems to mean that there are even fewer hours in the day to play radio!


Chris G4DGU

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