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Thanks for the replies, e-mail duly sent to Ofcom. Perhaps the RSGB bandplans could include the link to the Ofcom document.

Waiting for 13cms PA to arrive from SG-Labs but should be on for the coming contest season.


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Thanks for the reminder that the 2300 MHz NoVs need renewing after 3 years.  Mine was due to run out, so I renewed it.  You just need your licence reference number and details of any /P locations you intend to use.

Neil G4DBN

On 21/01/2020 13:13, Murray Niman wrote:

Hi Stuart

>"The UK Amateur Licence Schedules have a number of designated zones where restrictions apply"
Please read Schedule-2 of your Licence - the map is what that table is when you plot it!

More uptodate mapping guidance is on

 Murray G6JYB
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