Re: Input Needed for RadCom Column

John Worsnop

I should add that any GHz stuff that won't fit in to my 1 page will usually get in to Scatterpoint via me if you don't send it to editor@....

As I've said many times to people, if you want a larger GHz Bands column,  email radcom@... and ask for one. I'm happy to fill a second page.

As Elaine and Giles will tell you, every time I see them (the editors), I ask them for a second page, but the reply is the same.
"The readership doesn't demand it, "our recent survey" showed that GHz Bands is not widely read and was a minority interest....... but you can always write us stand alone articles" (Which I do!)



On Tue, 21 Jan 2020 at 17:25, Andy G4JNT <andy.g4jnt@...> wrote:

Microwave input really ought to go in the uWaves / GHz column,  so John ought to get first dibs on anything.  But as I have three pages every month, and GHz has one, there's space for more so  ....................

It is getting more and more difficult to find interesting RF and Am. Radio related matters to write about for the regular three pages of Design Notes in RadCom every month.  'JNT labs own projects are running out of steam, and to be quite brutal about things, I personally am getting less and less interested in RF related matters altogether.   What interest remains is purely software / DSP and non radio related electronics.  Very little of which will form DN-suitable material.  


It really would help if I had input from readers.  What are you doing, bright ideas, helpful tips and hints etc.   Pat Hawker's old column, Tech Topics was made up entirely from reader input and stuff blatantly culled from other publications.   The latter is now pointless with 't web and I'm not even going tp consider that route.   So that leaves reader input.

Please send me your input as and when.  Most reader input will be pasted in directly, with a minimum of editing for correctness / grammar etc.   And naturally you'll be credited.

 OR ......

Although it doesn't help with DN, consider writing up your work as a standalone article for RadCom (or ...Plus   or ...Basics)  .  That way you'll see your work in print and get paid for it.    

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