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Paul G8KFW

Hi Ian


Are you thinking of new or used ?


The price of used test equipment over 20 years old can reflect the serviceability / availability of service manuals


The old Telonic equipment I have handled was quite simple  inside but never found any service manuals so quickly moved it on

Similarly the Labtronix gear I have used performed to its speck but never had to repair one but also never hade the service manual


Best advise is to look at the most common equipment that will do the job you want to do


Glad to help of line


Regards Paul   mainly into HP , EIP , Marconi and Tek 


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Sent: 03 January 2020 19:03
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Siglent, Telonic, Lab


Any views, please, about Siglent spectrum analysers?

Also, any experience about Telonic versus Labtronix as the UK dealer - thinking particularly about support?

73 from Ian GM3SEK

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Paul Bicknell G8KFW   South Coast UK

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