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steve G1PPA

I hope to be on 3.4 soon transverter put together just my dish and feed to sort out when time allows. Thanks to neil and tony for there help

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´╗┐Time to dust down the 9cm gear methinks.


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Does anyone have a 3.4GHz transverter they are interested in selling? Even just an upconverter would be good.
Or a suggestion etc.
SG-Lab of Bulgaria sell one to go with their 23 and 13cms units. Price is 240EU + shipping and delivery is about 10 weeks. Produces a few watts at 3400.

I didn't know SG were doing 9cm. I can't see a spec on the website. I only know of 2 GMs on there, but it might be good for IO74 activity next year. I'd need to knock up yet another mad loop yagi.
Planning SOTA on 9cm ? :-)
Brian GM4DIJ
It doesn't appear to be advertised on the website, someone in G told me of VKs stations using it. Think it may be 4W on 3400 with a 432/435MHz IF. I'm very interested in buying one. I have enough time to operate or build, I'm cash rich and time poor. I'd like to build because using gear you built is so satisfying. But I'd like to get on the band and show some use before we lose everything to bloody mobile phones.

Hi Andy,

I've e-mailed him. I'll let the collective know. It looks like Tom MJV is interested and there's a few others on 9cm up here.

73 Brian GM4DIJ

I've sent an order for one. 240Eu +8Eu shipping. Lead time is 2-3 weeks. Spec has posted on here.

Need to make up a loop yagi now. I hope to be on /P from IO74MU in March at the earliest

Brian GM4DIJ

vry 73

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