Re: QO-100 dual band patch antenna


Spent a few happy hours this morning showing my Grand Daughter how to build something
from online plans and junk box parts.
Possibly the first time she has been let loose (with supervision) with hand tools, soldering irons
and blowlamps.
So, with a bit of help she has built a QO-100 dual patch from FR4 PCB and also
made a suitable mount for a 90Cm offset dish.
Dish mounted on a spare pole here and when hooked up to a cheap and nasty LNB
and Funcube dongle she heard her first signals off QO-100.
Smiles to both her and my faces, not bad for an eleven year old (her not me) !.
Taking the system up to her house now so she can listen, play, and try to understand
how it is working a little better.
Shack to myself later (but expecting phone calls) so can get on with setting up for QO-100
Transmit and receive
Martin, GM6VXB (and Molly)

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Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2019 11:04 AM
Subject: QO-100 dual band patch antenna

Looking at building a QO-100 dual band patch antenna as shown on the
blog on the interweb.
The design uses copper (or brass) sheet of which I only have some brass sheet but only
basic hand tools to build so difficult and probably many cuts to the hands before I get one
But I do have many sheets of double sided PCB so can afford to do it wrong many times.
My query is whether copper clad PCB will work as well as copper/brass sheet.
Brain says it will, but maybe someone knows better than this bodger ?.
Martin, GM6VXB

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