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Conrad, PA5Y

Hello Dave.

If you want a faster rotation speed then you can change the motor planetary gear ratio, this results in a reduction in output torque but it is very high by design and actually with a higher motor current (stronger motor)  this can be negated to some extent. The 'standard' ones are indeed 10 min for 360 deg but I have info for 0.5 rpm with a 30% reduction in output torque. It think that 0.3 to 0.5 rpm is just about right for contests with large narrow beamwidth antennas. Faster than that is putting stress on the support structure and you will overshoot often. 

You need to give the manufacturer information as to what you want as they have a lot of variants to offer.


Conrad PA5Y

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I use a 3" dual axis slew made by SunSlew. They are excellent for eme but for most other applications they would be very slow taking about 10 mins per rev (a guess I never measured it) .The pulsed output works well with the Arduino k3ng rotator controller which I got going despite never using Arduino before with help from Dave G4IDR. I reckon realistically 0.2 degree resolution with k3ng.

73 David G0LBK

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