Re: Rotator question

Clive Elliott GW4MBS

As far as a mast rotator & indicator goes I used to have a 60ft Hilomast for my flyswatter. For general direction setting I had a belt driven Desyn sensor that gave a display in the shack on a 5" diam compass display. This only gave 5 deg readings, for fine tuning I used a large circular protractor that I cut the middle from & positioned over the mast diameter, with a rigid pointer I could set the heading to a degree as I had fitted a spur controller at the mast base.

Originally I turned the mast with a Selsyn motor linked to an identical unit in the shack. It was quite robust & I was told it was for controlling elevation for an AA gun on a battleship. The difficulty with that was braking & locking the mast, the intriguing thing was the wind blowing the mast transmitted an identical force to the partner Selsyn in the shack.

The best solution was when I fitted an aircraft propeller pitch motor to the base of the mast. This large heavily geared DC motor was extremely strong & could rotated very slowly if need be & reversed by swapping the polarity. I tried to find a picture online but could only find American ones, which were smaller & rather strangely said to be non-reversible.

Attached the Mk1 flyswatter 40 years ago before the reflector elevation motor & sensor was fitted.
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
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