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Conrad, PA5Y

If you want precision and extremely good value for money you should look at Slewing drives from China, they are 10 times stronger than ANY ham rotator, easy to fit and have very low backlash. The 3 inch ones are fine for a 3m dish in a windstorm and cost about 400 USD. You can get AZ or AZ/EL, they have pulse outputs and integrated motors and gearboxes. I have ordered a 7 inch AZ/EL drive for my 4.5m dish which I will build in the Spring.

Two companies that I or friends have had dealings with are Sunslew Ltd and Coresun drive which is a new company set up by former sunslew employees.

Prosistel PST61 is strong, I have one on my 2m EME array but I have to say that the Create RC5B3 and ERC-M combination is much smoother. I have had that rotator for a very long time and it has had some big antennas on it over the years. It is as good as it has always been and I am still using the original pot. The PST61 needs care to prevent pot failure due to water damage but touch wood I seem to have found a method that prevents this. I have a SPID-RAK but I have not used it yet. I am expecting problems. Looks like another chat with Dom F6DRO is on the cards. I hope to use this with a 2m dish for 23/13 when I find another high enough mast to get the thing above the tree line.


Conrad PA5Y

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 it needs 0.1 degree resolution
display, software settable end stops and offset, motor speed control for
start-stop, and RS232 or USB interfacing for PC control.

Naw, you need a bike.  Tyre off wheel, wheel over pole, big sprocket on a mount, bit of wood etc then a couple of bike chains and away you go. 

What did we ever do before rotators? 


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