Re: On the scrounge: RG401 semi rigid.

Stephen Tompsett

Farnell list RG401 and SMA connectors as being in stock...

On 10/12/2019 18:12, Stanislaw Ziemczonek wrote:
Paul ,
I can get you few pice of SHUNER SUCOFORM 250 or from H+S 250-50-FEP-914 but without plugs (fits SMA to RG58 with some effort on the middle wire).
73's de Staszek SP6GWB
Hi all,

I'm on the scrounge for 25-30cm of RG401 semi-rigid coax (and maybe a matching SMA plug). Typically I did have some short lengths but they have disappeared somewhere in my sheds.
Its to replace an existing RG402 link from a PA to the antenna connector, as the coax is getting warm to hot on key down (2.4GHz DATV).

Happy to pay for it and the postage etc, or swap for something or other.


Paul M0EYT.

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