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Paul G8KFW

Hi Andy


Thank you for the article I had totally forgotten about Evanescent filters


Regards Paul

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Evanescent filters, where the WG is used way beyond cutoff.   See    and if you can find a copy

  "Evanescent-Mode Waveguide Filters Built in a Day", Microwaves and RF, July 1987, pp 117 - 124  





On Mon, 9 Dec 2019 at 15:41, Paul G8KFW <paul@...> wrote:

Hi Andy


How do you use  WG 20 at 10 Ghz


I realise you are going to use 144 as an IF for 122 Ghz but

If you consider 430 Mhz as an IF as making a band pass filter would be easer




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What we as a 10GHz community could do with, is an off the shelf, or easy to build, 10GHz bandpass filter suitable for image rejection at 144 IF.


Something like a 3 section post-coupled waveguide design.    Or perhaps an evanescent one in WG20.

Unfortunately the need to do them with SMA connectors / probes makes the setting up more tricky than in WG alone.

Pity I have no network or even scalar analyser that goes to 10GHz, otherwise it might have been a tempting project




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Hi Terry


I’d like to take those boards please. I want to see if I can convert GB3XY from FM ATV to DATV by mixing up from 2m or probably somewhere above 150MHz as XY is co-sited with a 2m repeater.


I was going to get a DB6NT 3mc transverter kit but they were discontinued before I could get one.




Clive G3GJA


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Hi All, 


I'm having a clear out and found two bare unused G3WDG boards they are G3WDG 002(B) board and a G3WDG 003 board, are they any use to anyone and they seem such as shame to throw away ?.





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