Re: 13cms beacons

Nicholas Shaxted

The latest list I have from REF suggests their last revision to be 7th November.


In their list they have F5ZVY on 2320.864 and active. REF do not list modulation schemes

“2320,864   F5ZVY   IN93GJ   Ustaritz   64   200   3.6   Fentes   omni   ok   F2CT”

In their list for 13cm F5ZIK in JN14sx is marked as qrt whilst F5ZHX in JN23xe is marked as temporarily qrt. All other 13cm beacon on the list are active.



The beacon list maintained by the Alpes du Sud group, found at

Provides modulation references but was last updated at the beginning of June 2018 and therefore isn’t an up to date reference. Nonetheless it is probably useful to find the Opera beacons.



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F5ZVY is listed in BS as running ISCAT    on .864

Although its status appears to be 'uncertain'







On Wed, 27 Nov 2019 at 20:29, Ed G3VPF <g3vpf@...> wrote:

Many thanks to those of you who pointed out the mode is PI4. Have downloaded the decoder and will go back and try again once the WX improves.


Andy: which French beacons run ISCAT? Went through the listings on Beaconspot on 13cms but could not find them.




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Hello Ed


Martlesham runs PI4 on 13cms. That’s why you had no decodes on WSJT !Details are on Beaconspot.




John G4ZTR



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Spent an hour this afternoon on a high spot in West Dorset (IO80RQ44) checking out the 13cms gear and listening to various beacons. As expected SCS was very strong, FNM was a weak but consistent signal. However, on 2320.830 there was a very weak beacon which could have been MHZ but was never strong enough to copy the CW. On the JT modes I could see 4 tones on a 15 second sequence but none of the modes in WSPRX would give a decode. Can anyone tell me what the MHZ modulation sequence is?


As a general comment, it would be very useful if the beacon databases included the modulation details for the microwave beacons.






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