Re: Wimo 13cms aerial VSWR


Dear Conrad,

For the S331 and similar models watch e-bay carefully; I’ve so far bought two at prices ranging from £220 for an S331B to £364 for an S331D with black and white screen and internal power meter.

The S331 models with colour screens go for higher prices, but the measured data are just the same.

Test equipment dealers push for high prices, of course; but riggers hanging up their climbing boots are far more reasonable.

The battery is usually dead, so that costs an extra £80 if you want one with the internal charge monitor interface or £40 without.

Of course, you also need to buy calibration open, short and load, good to the max frequency and they will cost maybe another £150 in total for good samples.

So you’d have plenty of change from selling your ‘7300!




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