Before I saw it up...

Paul M0EYT

Hi all,

My MRS has politely asked me to get rid of my SCOT antenna that I've had for a few years. It has a 3 axis steerable dish inside, az/el/roll and the antenna is 1.2M (from memory). It was originally on a ship for Skynet 3/4 comms, before the refits for the currently Skynet 5 satellites, 7.9-8.4GHz up, 7.25-7.75GHz down. My original plan for this antenna was to do automated spectrum monitoring of X-Band milsats, so the spectrum could be rendered as a picture and uploaded to my web site.

So, before I chop it up for disposal, is there anyone on the list that can make use of it?

The antenna is located at my QTH in IO80 (Dorset). If interested, there are a few more pictures at


Paul M0EYT.

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