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Lou Blasco

Hi all,

A quick check on ebay shows later S331 available from 1300 to 3500 GBP. There are others available for much, much less but one wonders about the state of them and shipping gear around the world in case of trouble is not appealing.

Whilst not really a portable device, I've been using a TPI-1001B generator for scalar measurements to 3500MHz and I'm very pleased with the results. Of course, results depend on the quality of your coupler, cables etc.

A great feature is the capacity to store your last used generator settings. This means you can put it at the far end of the antenna range to use as the source TX.

Just sayin'



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Alwyn the S331 is indeed useful and unlike it's cheaper predecessor the S251,  has an acceptable frequency accuracy the S251 was 200ppm I seem to recall which is not great on 13cms. However where can you get an S331 for a few hundred pounds?

I would sell my IC-7300 to get an S331!


Conrad PA5Y

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Dear All,

Yes, I have always liked the HP8753, but they are not cheap.

Although it is only a scalar analyser, the Anritsu S331 is pretty useful for aerial adjustment.

Also, itís intended for use by riggers, so is compact lightweight and battery powered, so handy in the field.

A few hundred pounds on e-bay is the typical price.




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