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Just got into microwaves here, I use both a cheap Chinese vna, and a combination of an rf bridge/noise source/sdr receiver. They both show pretty close agreement up to cutoff of the rf Bridge assembly (1.5 Ghz). Would be interesting to compare them beside a decent setup, suffice to say swr lights on my sg lab transverters (2.4 and 1.3Ghz) are always happy. 
As regards the wimo, I would say do check all the elements too. I have a 37 ele recently aquired for 23cm. Two of the elements had been placed in wrong order (might have been previous owner!), causing the useable bandwidth to become very narrow. 

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Dear All,

Yes, I have always liked the HP8753, but they are not cheap.

Although it is only a scalar analyser, the Anritsu S331 is pretty useful for aerial adjustment.

Also, it’s intended for use by riggers, so is compact lightweight and battery powered, so handy in the field.

A few hundred pounds on e-bay is the typical price.




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