VK3CV 122GHz Orders

Roger Ray

In case you have not been following developments, in regard to the 122GHz project...
Tim now has a Fund raising site where orders can be placed for the build 122G boards, bare pcb’s and horn antennas.


All orders are placed through and paid for on this site.
Shipping is not included. The idea way to order, is to include: UK group via G8CUB or similar on the order page.
The intention is for the boards, etc, to be shipped to me in one go.
Hopefully there will not be any serious import duty.
I will then send out, or hand over, the boards and horns. This may coincide with Martlesham which would make it easier in part.
If you prefer to have Tim send your orders direct, do not put the comment about the UK group.
I will cover shipping of the group order from Oz to UK. But, there may have to be additional payment for UK distribution, dependant on the method used, and possibly duty.

I hope that is clear. If not please email me or Tim


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