John Fell

Attached pics of the latest modified Golden Star LNB as detailed in latest Scatterpoint  .

This uses the spare F type , after desoldering the spill of the socket from the pcb.(Bend spill upwards slightly to ensure it clears the original pad) .I put some Kapton tape under the spill - just in case ....
The external locking components are a 1nF ceramic disc cap from the Xtal inboard pin via 1k resistor to the spare F type .
The same leg of the Xtal has a 6.8pF disc cap to the central earth pad on the pcb .It free runs at -250HZ of nominal 10GHZ frequency and locks to external reference input at 25.000MHZ
You need around -10dBm at 25.000MHZ to lock the Xtal .

Mike G3LYP reports that the UK stocks of the LNB are exhausted .....

Good Luck 

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