Re: entering logs UKAC

G3UVR Denis IO83KH


Something is wrong if I could find no trace of you running 100+ watts. According to your entry you entered the 100w - 400w section (AO) just wonder if this section is correct for you? If you were running up to 10w your eleven QSOs is way above many that were in the 10w max section. There is more to this than just having a large tower (I dont) There is only me in the shack during a contest (single op) and i am just 92m ASL With that in mind I am very pleased to get 53 QSOs using the 10w section. Main requirements for good score. Huge quanity of CQs Much tuning of rotator and make the most of KST it is essential.

73 de Denis G3UVR

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