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Neil Smith G4DBN

The UKACs are all single-op contests, so at least you aren't up against multi-op stations. In the Restricted class, only single antennas and max 100W at the TX are allowed, and the Low Power section limits you to the same single antenna.  A lot of it is about experience of course, but location also comes into it. Other stations in IO92 do very well, and get maybe 100 point per GM contact than I do from up here in IO93, and you are a lot closer to some of the stations we can't reach easily.

Did you manage to make any aircraft-scatter contacts?  Lots of points to be picked up that way, especially if you don't have a great take-off in some directions. CW is usually quite fruitful, and you can always use JT9F-fast for very long distance aircraft scatter.

You need to watch KST closely to see who you might be able to work.  I wait for some of the big stations in IO91 to beam to GM and then usually manage to grab some tail-end contacts.

I usually manage to make a few indirect-path contacts where we've discovered a reflection point.  Some of the stations in West Yorkshire need to beam south to reach me (90 degrees off), I beam south-west (45 degrees off) but we always make it OK.  Also you need to get a feeling for who is likely to go out portable and work out where they are and whether they are using KST, and if not, do they pack up early and therefore you need to work them first.

Also have a very careful look at which section to enter.  You might do better in Restricted than in Low Power depending on how everyone else is doing. 

The leading stations have engineered every last 0.1dB out of their receivers, antennas and feeders, and have years of experience of strategy, operating skill and low cunning.  Beating the hilltop portables is never going to be easy, so you need to work out who it is you are competing against and discount those with huge site advantages.

Biggest gains for me (single yagi) were using extreme low loss feeder and getting plenty of height with my pump-up mast, and learning to use aircraft scatter and KST.

Playing for a club is a really good way of getting into the awards, and unlike in the personal section, where only the best 8 logs count, *all* logs count in the club tables.

Sadly, I still haven't got my 13cm kit up the other mast, so I'll be on 10GHz only again on Tuesday.

Neil G4DBN

On 21/10/2019 19:35, militaryoperator via Groups.Io wrote:
Just checked to see what logs received for 23cm on 15th.  !!!wow!!

With entries with 90, 80, 70 and 60 odd contacts, is there really any point in us mortals entering a log?

Would seem if your not on a hill or got a big tower with multi operators its a waste of time. 

Is there a section for single operators, from modest locations with modest antennas?

Was going to drag stuff out for tomorrows 13cm. Might just go to the pub instead. 


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