Re: entering logs UKAC

Tony G4NBS

I think the clue is in the title – its an activity contest.


There can only ever be one “winner” in any competition but without participants there would be no activity, let alone competition.

If nothing else entering your log enables the adjudicator/robot to check the validity of the contacts others may have had with you.

It also serves to show interested parties that we do actually use the bands, the more entrants the better our case for preserving the frequencies we have been granted.

A possible third reason is that other stations might notice that you are active and will look out for you in future sessions.


As for adding your score to that of a club every little helps their overall points and table position (if you really are worried about getting up the table) but you can also have a friendly competition within your club to try and improve your score and become “top dog” even if only locally – really can spur equipment development!


Good luck on the bands


73 Tony G4NBS


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It’s not the’s the taking part .....or so they say !!! 

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