Re: entering logs UKAC


You should definitely go out portable on 13cm Ben. That's what me and Steve G1YBB do. We will be out on 13cm and 3cm from our site close to the Black Mountains in IO82 square. Please go out and find us. Only running 2w on 13cm into a 67-el Wimo. Its a real challenge on that band. 

Re the 90, 80, 70, 60 QSO's on 23cm ... I know, conditions were poor. It's normally much better than that.

You won't make that number of contacts if the prime mover is in the shack though. You must have the 23cm front end by the driven element. My LDF4-50 feeder length is 6 foot long .... the i.f. feeder going up at 2m is about 90 foot long! 

73 David G4ASR 

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