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Paul G8KFW

Hi for £2.30 you can not loos  if you open a 18 Ghz power splitter you will see the same configuration and they cost over £160 second hand   suggest you solder a tin box around it

Personally I have bought a lode of Mini circuit 4 way splitters for 10 Mhz  as the attenuation only appears to be 7.2 dB for each port

Regards Paul



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Sent: 20 October 2019 22:32
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Cheap RF power splitter


Hi all,

I’m looking for a low cost rf power splitter that I can use in my QO-100 system to split my 27MHz reference for two devices to use at the same time.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried one of these:

They are very cheap and I wonder if anyone has experience with one of these devices.


Arved M0KDS

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